A special chapter in the history of Biarescie concerns the events during the time of the Mongol invasion. Having ravaged Rus’, the troops of Batu Khan took Kyiv and attacked Volhynia on December 5, 1240, destroying the cities, ravaging the rural areas, and killing and taking captive a significant part of the population. The main flow of the Mongol-Tatar troops passed southward of Biarescie, but the city was clearly approached by individual forces under the guidance of Orda Khan. According to the records in the chronicles, a battle occurred in the field near the city. But there is no record of the destruction of Biarescie. During the excavations, no traces of a large fire and massive loss of life have been found in the layers of the middle of the ХIII century. It is obvious that Biarescie was not taken and destroyed: the citizens of Biarescie defended their city.