The forms and shapes of typical shoes are illustrated by the different types of soles made of thick and sturdy leather. Soles can be divided into symmetric, asymmetric, and shaped. Common footwear in the city were one-piece leather shoes, boots, shoes. Moreover, men and women wore similar shoes that differed only in size. One-piece leather shoes were the simplest type, not sewn, but made from one piece of rawhide cut in the shape of a foot and tied around the leg with a strap. Such shoes were to be identical for the right and left foot and acquired the shape of the foot in the process of wearing. Apart from conventional leather shoes, archaeologists have found so-called openwork one-piece leather shoes that performed the function of dress shoes. Openwork leather shoes appeared in Biarescie in the ХІІІ century.
Boots were another type of shoe worn by the citizens of Biarescie. They had a more complex structure consisting of the top of a boot, the head (front), a sole, and a heel. Boots normally had the size of 26–28 cm.
The most widespread type of shoe was the soft shoe. It consisted of a leather top and sole connected, as a rule, with an inserted seam. Shoes were made of high- quality leather and tightened on the foot with a lace. Most soft shoes were decorated with different ornaments (linear, geometric, floral) sewed with coloured woolen threads. Initially, almost all shoes had no heels. Judging from the excavations, heels appeared only in the ХIV century.