As a military-defensive tactic, Biarescie held a strategic position and controlled the main waterways from south to north along the Zachodni Buh, and from east to west on the Muchaviec. This frontier location led to constant clashes and attacks, making Biarescie the centre of defence of the surrounding areas. According to the chronicle data, in the ХІ–ХІІІ centuries, constant raids of Polish, Baltic and Ruthenian troops on Biarescie were observed.
Evidence that Biarescie citizens were ready to repel any enemy are the discovered armament objects. The military collection of Biarescie can be divided into melee weapons (sword, spears, flails, maces), ranged weapons (arrowheads, bows and crossbows), armour (mail and plate armour), and horse and rider equipment (spurs, stirrups, bits, combs).